Privacy policy


INFORMATIVE REPORT: According to D.lgs. n. 196 of June 30th 2003 "Safeguarding of persons and other subjects regarding the treatment of personal information", we would like to inform you that your personal information will be used in accordance with the principles of honesty, lawfulness and clarity in full observance of your right to confidentiality.

This information will be used in order to implement the following objectives: 
1) fulfillment of the public safety obligations provided for by Art. 109 of Royal Decree 773 dated 18 June 1931 concerning disclosure of lodgers; 
2) fulfillment of contractual, bookkeeping and tax obligations; 
3) notification to banks, credit institutions and credit-card companies for activities connected with executing the contract and collecting credit; 
4) offering attentive personal service to the client during his/her entire stay at our facilities, with specific reference to secretarial services, message-taking, mail and parcel delivery, putting telephone calls through to the client's room, reserving external services, notifying the client of special offers and events during and after his stay(*); 
5) we would also like to remind you that this law envisions that any information that may reveal racial and ethnic origin; religious, philosophical or other customs; political opinions; membership in political parties, unions, and religious, philosophical, political or union associations or organizations, as well as any personal information that may reveal a person?s state of health or sexual preference, may be used solely with the written consent of the interested party and pursuant to authorization by the Guarantor of Privacy, which has already been granted provisionally through the legislative measures of 15 December 1997. 


(*) With regard to points (3) and (4), each company will be obliged to verify that the possibilities listed on this form will cover all types of communication, circulation and treatment of information carried out within its own facilities and make any necessary modifications.